A custom built entry system for arts organisations to maximise the success of creative opportunities. ArtOpps is user friendly for artists, selectors and administrators and enables unique access to an extensive creative community.

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The flexibility of the portal allows clients to create a bespoke entry structure - which can be edited at any point, and at no cost - to suit both project and audience.


From the creation of a dedicated URL to the integration of brand-specific logos, fonts and images, ArtOpps allows clients to build individual opportunity pages which reflect and promote existing visual identity.


With a user-friendly interface that is simple and straightforward to navigate, ArtOpps allows users to submit artwork quickly and easily. Rules and Guidelines, FAQs and selection panel profiles are clearly displayed and downloadable content such as entry forms, labels and submission timetables is easily accessible.


A user's application will remain live until the moment that the deadline passes, allowing them to add content and make changes at any point throughout the call for entries period.


When a competition moves into the judging phase, the judging side of the portal comes into play. An unlimited number of selectors may use the portal at any one time, images/media are displayed clearly and accompanied by any information relevant to a submission, and there is also a facility to anonymise the entrants. A selector may review their choices at any point during the judging process.


The portal allows for all content - for example personal data and image files - to be downloaded quickly and easily into a format that is easy to access and navigate.


Statistics are available both throughout and subsequent to the call for entries period, providing data which can be used to direct/dictate press and marketing campaigns. Furthermore, the bespoke nature of the portal allows the client to control both the type and quantity - and therefore the value - of the data that is collected.


The ArtOpps Community

ArtOpps is home to many leading creative opportunities benefitting from being part of a national and international artists’ community spanning all disciplines.

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As well as project managing your artist opportunity, Parker Harris can create and deliver effective press and marketing campaigns to increase awareness of your open call as well as extend and diversify audience reach.  With a database of over 24,000 artists and art professionals from across the UK, we are able to create targeted and tightly-focussed campaigns which yield direct and quantifiable results.

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